The  Ostafrika-Hilfe e.V. journey report  taken on the October/November 2017 in Uganda and Tanzania:





At the end of October and the beginning of November 2017, three members of Ostafrika-Hilfe e.V travelled in East Afrika countries ie Uganda and Tanzania respectively.

On 25-27th October 2017, the members met all the participants of Oluta Association Women group [Women in exil in the particular Nakivale Camp].

The  represantives issued the donated three sewing, knitting maschine and two solar panels to the group; which was warmly received.


Later on, the delegates were presented with the activities that the women engage in to earn their living. For instance:

     ·         Hand made crafts such as ornaments, wollen hats and shaws, dresses etc.

     ·         Land cultivation of horiticultural crops such as Maize, bananas and rice.

     ·         Poultry farming.


It was noted that the women earned their money mainly through the sale oft he handcrafts. With it, they rented small pieces of lands to cultivate the horticultural products.


Noted negative issues leading to poor outcome:

     (a.)  Poultry:

Unfortunately, due to poor rearing conditions, the  birds had been infectected thus resulting to lots of poultry death. The main reason for the loss was poor health conditions, caused by dirt, poor built poultry houses due to lack of construction know- how and poor management.


     (b.)  The Workshop premises:

The knitting and sewing room was narrowly  constructed. Moreover, it was too small, dark and poorly ventilated to contain the large number of women who were either trainers, trainees or mere workers in the workshop.

It was noted that the above poor conditions hindered an effective delivery of best best expected results, though the women were motivated.


     (c.)   Land Managements:

Lack of professional / trained personal contributed to poor crop production. Due to this reason, it was noted that the land was not optimally used and the end harvest rest was noted to poor as it should be.


     (d.)  Poor means of  transport:

Finally, it was noted that the women were faced with trafic methods. This hindered the transportantion of their harvest for instance in the income strategic areas such as in the cities, schools, hotels or even in the hospitals. They were restrained in the camp. And if they had a chance of selling the goods, then it was in a throw away price.



Oluta Association Wishes:

                                            i.            Workshop:

They wish to expand the workshop with ample space, well lit rooms which are properly aired.

                                           ii.            Land Management:

The group wished for a trained / skilled personal to help them in advancing their agricultural methods.


                                         iii.            Transport:

The association members wished for better transports means such as a  small truck to transport their produce to the spotted economic sites.











In the same period , that ist he beggining of November 2017, the Ost Afrika Hilfe e.V deonated a solar panel to a needy Maasai family in a small village (….) in Tanzania. 




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